Garage door shopping can be a lengthy process. After all, there are many options, and sometimes it is hard to distinguish the differences between them. Luckily, at Mass Garage Doors we consider ourselves to be the experts on every kind of garage door and we want to make sure you pick the perfect door for your home!

The most common types of garage doors are as follows: aluminum, steel, wood, and vinyl doors. If your number one concern is affordability we suggest you look into aluminum or steel garage doors. Both of these materials are extremely durable and also will not break your bank. Of the two, aluminum is the cheapest but for a little less shine and a little more cash, a steel garage door may end up being what you prefer.

On the contrary, if money is not an issue and instead you are looking for a stylish garage door, we recommend a wooden door. These pricey pieces are worth their weight in gold as they are extremely visually appealing while also being sturdy and relatively durable. We would not suggest wooden garage doors however, for someone living near a coast. Wooden garage doors are not nearly as weather resistant as say aluminum or steel and will age and tarnish quite easily with constant exposure to winds and salt.

Vinyl garage doors are most commonly used due to their durability and the ease that comes with matching them to the rest of the exterior of a home. These doors are easily painted and also tend to be relatively affordable, explaining their popularity.

Still have questions? Mass Garage Doors would be happy to help you choose the perfect garage door for your home. Give us a call today or visit our main web page to get more information!


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