1. Garage Repair Service in Boston and Handy Homeowners

    If your garage door is broken, you might be thinking about doing the repairs yourself. After all, it can be fun taking on home repairs yourself. It can also be quite gratifying. How hard can it be? You are a pretty handy fellow who owns a lot of tools, everything you need to make those needed repairs. As you ponder what needs to be fixed on your garage door, you dream about what you are going to d…Read More

  2. Garage Door Repair in Boston and Installing A New Garage Door

    Garage Door Repair in Boston and Installing a New Garage Door Opener

    Maintaining your home is very important. A key part of your home is the garage and it needs to be kept up as well. As you might expect, the parts of your garage that will be needing the most up-keeping are the garage door and the garage door opener. Deciding to replace your garage door is a major decision and will have a significant impact on how your whole house looks. But let's not forget about …Read More

  3. Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garage

    Spring is finally here! The weather is warming up and if spring cleaning fever hasn't hit you yet, it probably will soon. There is just something about spring that inspires people (us included!) to get their homes clean and organized. For a lot of people, the most disorganized space in their home is their garage. Spring is a great time to tackle that great garage clean out that you've been putting…Read More

  4. How to Keep Your Garage Doors Working in Winter

    The Massachusetts winters can be extremely harsh, with temperatures dropping well below zero and leaving us with layers of ice and snow. It's not uncommon for garage doors to become iced shut in such conditions. This can result in damage to your garage doors, especially if you try to force the doors open the door. Potential damage could be: Damaging the tracks that move the door up and down. Causi…Read More

  5. Why Experience Matters When it Comes to Garage Door Repair

    Our garage door repair team has been hard at work in the Waltham area for more than six years now, and many of the members of our team have been working in the industry for a decade or more. We know that experience matters when it comes to getting your garage door fixed! We've Seen it All After so many years working on garage doors in the area, there is very little that stumps our team. We've seen…Read More

  6. 5 Tips on How to Save Money on Garage Door Repairs

    Our Waltham, Mass team has been in the garage door business for over six years. During that time, we've seen it all when it comes to garage door repairs. We're committed to helping the people of the Waltham area with all of their garage door needs at an affordable rate, and many of our customers ask us how they can save on their garage door repairs. We're happy to offer advice. Here are some of th…Read More

  7. Why You Shouldn’t Do Garage Door Repairs Yourself

    There are plenty of do-it-yourself jobs you can handle around your home, but garage door repair shouldn't be on that list. Garage doors can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly because: They are big. Garage doors can't be handled by one person on their own, so many repair jobs will require two or more men to handle the door. They are heavy. Not only will you need more than one person to …Read More

  8. Why You Need Our Garage Door Repair Team to Replace Your Weather Stripping and Rubber Bottoms

    Many people feel that if their garage door is opening and closing, it's good enough. Closing your garage is just one of the jobs your garage door needs to do, though. Your garage door is a main access point of your home and you'll want to ensure that nothing gets in that you don't want to go in, and that's how our Waltham garage door repair team can help. We can replace the weather stripping and r…Read More

  9. Five Most Common Garage Door Repair Needs

    Even the finest garage doors will eventually need a repair or two. Parts wear out and need to be replaced and most garage doors have an average lifetime before they'll need to be replaced. Some parts cause more issues than others, though. Our Waltham garage door repair team shares with you the most common repair needs: Springs. Not only will the springs on your garage door need to be eventually re…Read More

  10. Waltham Garage Door Repair Gets You Ready for Winter

    A sticky or noisy garage door may not seem like a big deal in the summer, but as the days get colder and winter starts to settle in, your garage door can become a much bigger issue. There is nothing worse than trying to get to work on a cold Massachusetts winter morning and discovering that your garage door decided to stop working. Or worse, get home in a blizzard and found out that same door won'…Read More