Many people feel that if their garage door is opening and closing, it’s good enough. Closing your garage is just one of the jobs your garage door needs to do, though. Your garage door is a main access point of your home and you’ll want to ensure that nothing gets in that you don’t want to go in, and that’s how our Waltham garage door repair team can help. We can replace the weather stripping and rubber bottoms of your garage doors to keep unwanted pests and elements out of your garage.

Weather stripping creates a seal around your garage door when it is closed. This can help keep wind and rain out of your garage, helping keep the items that you store inside (including your vehicles) safe from the elements. It can also help keep your home properly insulated which can help lower your energy costs. The rubber bottom of your garage door does a similar task. This rubber bottom seals the space between your garage and the floor, not only keeping out the elements but unwanted pests such as mice and insects as well.

Don’t allow either of these items wear out on your garage doors. Our Waltham garage door repair team can quickly replace the weather stripping and rubber bottoms on your residential or commercial garage doors to help keep your property insulated and safe. Give us a call at 888-989-8758 or contact us through our website to schedule an appointment with our garage door repair experts today.