Garage Door Repair in Boston and Installing A New Garage Door

Maintaining your home is very important. A key part of your home is the garage and it needs to be kept up as well. As you might expect, the parts of your garage that will be needing the most up-keeping are the garage door and the garage door opener. Deciding to replace your garage door is a major decision and will have a significant impact on how your whole house looks. But let’s not forget about the garage door opener. Just because it seems to be working fine, it does not mean that there are justifications for buying and having a new one installed.

Mass Garage Doors, your garage door repair service in Boston, takes a closer look at the reasons you might wish to consider changing our your garage door opener.


If your garage door opener was installed before 1993, it has really outdated technology. It would be like seeing somebody using a flip phone, or worse, a pager. After 1993, garage door openers used advanced technology to roll codes. What this means is that every time you press your remote control button, a completely new code is generated.

If you have an older garage door opener, it is very likely that ill-intentioned people can steal your signal and use it to break into your home. They will wait until you are gone and burglarize your home.

Even garage doors installed just a few years ago offer less security than new ones. This is something to consider if you are concerned about the safety of your home and your family.

New Technology

The new technology you see in modern garage door openers goes further than just in safety concerns. We have now reached a point where we can use our smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices to open and close our garage doors. Garage door openers even come with Wi-Fi technology, which means your garage door can now open on voice commands.

With this type of advanced technology, it doesn’t matter when you misplace the remote control.

Reduced Noise

How can you tell when your neighbor gets home from work? It could be because you can hear the garage door open from anywhere in your house. Really, some garage doors are quite loud when opening and closing.

Actually, your garage door could be quite loud as well. You may not know it because you have gone deaf to the sound. That is, you are so used to the noise your garage door opener makes that you don’t realize how bad it is.

Once you have had a new garage door opener installed, you will notice right away that it is much quieter.


Technological advances in garage door openers over the years have also made them safer. And if you aren’t confident that your garage door opener is equipped with two automatic reversal systems, then perhaps it is time to seriously consider getting a new garage door opener.

If you are interested in a new garage door opener, contact Mass Garage Doors today.